WWT Design


qsdsan.utils.get_SRT(system, biomass_IDs, wastage=None, active_unit_IDs=None)

Estimate sludge residence time (SRT) of an activated sludge system.

  • system (obj) – The system whose SRT will be calculated for.

  • biomass_IDs (tuple[str]) – Component IDs of active biomass.

  • wastage (iterable[WasteStream]) – Streams with wasted biomass.

  • active_unit_IDs (tuple[str], optional) – IDs of activated sludge units. The default is None, meaning to include all units in the system.


  • [float] Estimated sludge residence time in days.

  • .. note:: – [1] This function uses component flowrates of the system’s product WasteStream for calculation, which does not carry time-dependent information. So, it should not be used for a system with dynamic influents. [2] The units included in calculation must all have get_retained_mass() to calculate the retained biomass.


bsm1 system