class qsdsan.equipments.Electrode(ID='', linked_unit=None, F_BM=1.0, lifetime=10000, lifetime_unit='hr', N=0, electrode_type='anode', material='graphite', unit_cost=0.1, surface_area=1)#

Electrodes to be used in an electrochemical cell. Refer to the example in ElectroChemCell for how to use this class.

  • N (int) – Number of units of the given electrode.

  • electrode_type (str) – Type of the electrode, can only be “anode”, “cathode” or “reference”.

  • material (str) – Material of the electrode.

  • unit_cost (float) – Unit cost of the electrode, will use default cost (if available) if not provided.

  • surface_area (float) – Surface area of the electrode in m2.

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property N#

[str] Number of units of the electrode.

property electrode_type#

[str] Type of the electrode, either “anode”, “cathode” or “reference”.

property material#

[str] Material of the electrode.

property unit_cost#

[float] Cost of one electrode.