QSDsan: Quantitative Sustainable Design for sanitation and resource recovery systems

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class qsdsan.sanunits._reactor.Reactor(ID='', ins: Sequence[AbstractStream] | None = None, outs: Sequence[AbstractStream] | None = (), include_construction=True, *, P=101325, tau=0.5, V_wf=0.8, length_to_diameter=2, diameter=None, N=None, V=None, auxiliary=False, mixing_intensity=None, kW_per_m3=0.0985, wall_thickness_factor=1, vessel_material='Stainless steel 316', vessel_type='Vertical')

Create an abstract class for reactor unit, purchase cost of the reactor is based on volume calculated by residence time.

  • ins (Iterable(stream)) – Inlet.

  • outs (Iterable(stream)) – Outlet.

  • tau (float) – Residence time, [hr].

  • V_wf (float) – Fraction of working volume over total volume.

  • length_to_diameter (float) – Reactor length to diameter ratio.

  • N (int) – Number of reactor.

  • V (float) – Volume of reactor, [m3].

  • auxiliary (bool) – Whether or not the reactor is an auxiliary unit.

  • mixing_intensity (float) – Mechanical mixing intensity, [/s].

  • kW_per_m3 (float) – Power usage of agitator (converted from 0.5 hp/1000 gal as in [1]). If mixing_intensity is provided, this will be calculated based on the mixing_intensity and viscosity of the influent mixture as in [2]

  • wall_thickness_factor=1 (float) – A safety factor to scale up the calculated minimum wall thickness.

  • vessel_material (str, optional) – Vessel material. Default to ‘Stainless steel 316’.

  • vessel_type (str, optional) – Vessel type. Can only be ‘Horizontal’ or ‘Vertical’.


line: str = 'Reactor'

class-attribute Name denoting the type of Unit class. Defaults to the class name of the first child class

property vessel_material

Vessel construction material.